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The Flamingo Motel

The Flamingo Motel, established in 1954, takes pride in unique furnishings and quality linens in its themed rooms.

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Experience a diverse array of themed motel rooms, from tranquil garden and cozy country cottage designs to adventurous fishing, golf, and lighthouse-inspired accommodations. Embrace the spirit of Americana or unwind in the tropical ambiance of Flamingo Beach-themed rooms, each offering a unique escape for every traveler. Additionally, it features fully equipped two-bedroom options like "Route 66" and "Cabin Fever" for families or couples. Each room ensures comfort year-round, with heating or air conditioning available if needed.

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Our housekeeping staff takes great pleasure in making sure every room is beautifully kept, with the flexibility to spend extra time when needed. Additionally, we offer complimentary amenities like wireless internet, cable tv, refrigerators, Keurig coffee makers, and more, making our guests feel at home. Our motel's central location allows guests to easily access local events and attractions to Coeur d'Alene, including art walks, concerts, and street fairs, all just steps away from their rooms.

cda lake pic 2.jpeg
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